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Yesterday I noticed a new blog that is featuring several of my posts as they were written by them. This is not new to the blog scene, but what annoys me is that after informing them through a comment (they/he/she don’t have a contact page) they only removed one of my posts.

On the other hand I might consider it a compliment, as they are obviously grabbing content that would give them better ranking. This somewhat common SEO trick will fortunately only work for a while until enough people report the site as SPAM, and the site vanishes of the surface of the search engines.

Compliment or not I’m not going to support this parasite behaviour, and therefore I encourage everyone to block out and leave sitekreation dot com flying in the dark. I’m not even going to provide a link to the site as I don’t think it deserves it.

If your content was stolen by this or any other site please feel free to share what you did and what you felt. Good to get it out of your system they say…

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