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Welcome to the home of WCMS – my very own Web Content Management System. The WCMS is my forth revision of my own CMS (previously called ECMS) and are used on multiple production sites throughout Europe.

This page will grow based on questions and requests from you, but since today (27 April) marks the initial release there’s nothing to comment (yet).

Feel free to submit anything related to the WCMS through the comment form below.

The new and FREE version of our WCMS can be grabbed here.

3 Comments on “WCMS – Project Page”

  1. Hi folks,

    I’ve been testing your new CMS and must say I’m VERY impressed! It’s very easy to operate and I think more people would use it if you threw in more screenshots and advertised it a bit more…

    That said I for one will spread the word to all my friends and probably use it for all my new clients websites/projects.

    Thanks for sharing your work with the rest of us!!!

    Cheers, Dave

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