Easy PHP highlighter

Easy PHP Highlighter is a small application that highlights the source of a PHP file and outputs it to a XHTML valid html file for easy viewing by other people. It has language support for English, German, Spanish, and Portuguese.

PHP Highlight Example (A MySQL backup class used in my latest CMS)

The real beauty is the ease of use. You simply start the application, browse and select a file and the new XHTML output file is automatically created in the same directory you picked the file from.

You can probably use it to highlight JavaScripts as well, but for now (version 2) you can only select files with a PHP extension. Not that it limits anything as you could just alter the extension temporarily to create the output file.

Update: In order to highlight Java code (or any other code) the page you’re going to “transform” needs to have the PHP tags inserted (Start of page -> <?php and at the end -> ?>) along with a PHP file extension. The following example illustrates my point (My Lightbox Media JavaScript add-on).

It works but requires more work -> time-consuming -> boring -> needs fix…

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