Steve Ballmer caught with a Mac

Steve Ballmer was caught on camera during his presentation “Business Leadership and Digital Innovation For Future Graduated” a few days ago. As you can clearly see from the photo the Microsoft CEO is using a Macbook:

The irony is further strengthen by the fact that this was taken with an iPhone 🙂 And in case you thought this was “photoshopped” here’s another image proof to back it up.

One would think a man in his position would use his own company’s products, but then again he might be running dual boot and actually be using MS office on Vista at the given moment.

Considering the lame reception of Vista and the latest MS products I tend to think “Ha – I knew it!!”. Anyway, it’s a great shot, and the logo on the desk matches the colours of the Macbook perfectly 🙂

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3 Comments on “Steve Ballmer caught with a Mac”

  1. Are you sure this actually is his laptop and not the facilitator’s? 🙂

  2. Mac on Podium, Proven Fake! Here’s the Real Thing!
    The scandalous allegations by a couple of fakers that I used a Mac to run a presentation has been proven to be completely bogus! Here is the photographic evidence:My personal PI, Jack Stone, uncovered an unretouched copy from one of the culprit’s personal computers (they have macs).
    PI Jack Stone gained entry into’s trailer in the Sahddy Grove trailer park by posing as an exterminator, his final report says:

    “I pretended to be giving away my exterminatory services as a public service for the day, PIB was overjoyed! I convinced him he had to leave for a few hours while I fumigated the 12’x24′. The domicile was alive with vermin of all types, but, my objective was his computer. Per Mr. Ballmer’s instructions, I cloned the entire drive and upon completion reformatted the original and installed Vista Home Edition via bootcamp. On my departure, I sprayed two full cans of Raid Yard Guard throughout the place, it didn’t seem to do much good.”

    The geeks here at MS retrieved this original photo from the clone.
    The resulting ORIGINAL photos clearly show I was actually using my Sony Viao!

    CASE CLOSED! CONTROVERSY OVER! URBAN LEGEND DISPELLED! and Chubbystar, you both may yet be hearing from our lawyers soon! (That’s if they don’t call the local police department about some of the other more “disturbing” photographs we found first!)

  3. How do we know that yours isn’t a fake… 🙂 It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve heard of Microsoft employees using a Mac.

    The only controversy is where this happened in my mind!

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