Another Dreamweaver bug

November last year I wrote a post about a bug in Dreamweaver CS3 that makes it crash after Daylight Saving Time Ends. Yesterday it all started again, but this time the application didn’t crash but was constantly opening an alert box informing me that an extension (MySQL) wasn’t working properly.

Luckily I found the fix on So in case you are having the same symptoms take a look at this article about re-creating your user configuration folder.

Quick summary

XP users can follow these simple steps first to try and correct the issue:

  1. Quit Dreamweaver.
  2. Go to Start > My Computer.
  3. Rename Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\Adobe\Dreamweaver 9\Configuration to Configuration Old.
  4. Start Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver creates a new Configuration folder.

If this doesn’t solve your problems read the full article for more options.

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