Introducing the Comic Strip Add-on

Todays Comic Add-onA couple of months ago I created a simple PHP script to show the “Help Desk” comic on the sidebar. This time I’ve rewritten the code in order to show more comics (only today’s) and added a caching system that updates the links every 5 hours. Except during the update procedure the add-on should load much faster, and by combining it with my Lightbox Media add-on browsing the comics is sweet and easy.

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to distribute the code yet, as there seams to be some copyright issues. On the other hand Netvibes and others are doing it already through their 3rd party modules. Thus, for the time being I’ll just keep it running during an undefined testing period.

That said, I would be happy to get some feedback on this little add-on.

P.S. Just noticed from the stats that Blogvaria passed another milestone. More than 100.000 page views since New Year, and it’s not that long ago when it turned 50.000 hits/views. Furthermore, the average visitor is flipping through approximately 8 pages a visit which means some of you actually find the stuff I write about interesting – thank you!

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