“Help Desk Embedded” Update

The author of the web comic Help Desk, Christopher B. Wright, recently switched from a WordPress driven to a Drupal-powered website resulting in broken links in my “yet-never-2-be-released-and-famous” sidebar plugin Help Desk Embedded.

However the update was surprisingly easy, and everything should now be working as normal. The updates from Tuesday and Wednesday earlier this week have already been included, and the next step concerns the auto-update which I hope is still working as intended.

Even though you’ll get the latest comic here I strongly recommend checking out the Help Desk archive, and also another comic by the same author under the name Kernel Panic. Make sure to click his ads as I’m sure Mr. Wright is eager to get some encouragement (in the shape of $/€/£) after spending numerous man-hours converting his whole website 🙂

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