“Help Desk” added in sidebar

I’ve just added the comic strip “Help Desk” from ubersoft.net to my sidebar by including a few functions to the main functions.php file (actually just by doing an include() to make updates easier) found in the /wp-includes directory in WordPress.

These functions automagically look up ubersoft.net to check if a new comic is out. If yes it will create a thumbnail with a link to the original, otherwise it will simply state that nothing new is out. To make it even prettier I’ve used the Lightbox add-on to have it open on top of the page so you wont have to go anywhere.

When I get around to it I’ll create a drop down menu with links to previous comics. I’ve just created a hidden DIV layer that will reveal the “Help Desk” comic by calling a tiny JavaScript. Drop me a line if you are interested in getting the code on your own WordPress installation.

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  1. Sorry about that last part! I’ll make sure people know where to go to join in on your discussions ( and click your ads 😉 ).
    Thanks anyway for your positive feedback!!

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