Milestone – 50000 page views

Some of you might have noticed that this blog (actually the whole site) has been inaccessible a couple of times lately. This is not caused by heavy traffic (our servers are strong and more or less dedicated) but rather my brother experimenting and moving things around. Unfortunately he moved to much on the server resulting in the disc maxing out and SQL taking a rest (well deserved).

Even so I’ve now passed 100 posts and rounded 50000 56000 page views since 29th of December (2006) which I believe is great. It means that some of you actually read what I’m typing! I’ll try to keep it up and make my best effort to bring you quality content. It would however be cool to see if the server would survive a front story on Digg, but I can’t do that on my own can I (hint…).

Thanks for staying tuned!


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