Bill Gates with new startup

Only 6 months after he left Microsoft Bill Gates is starting a new company – bgC3.

Nobody knows for sure what the company is supposed to do but new offices, computers and furniture are already acquired. It’s located within a short distance from Gates private “palace” just outside Seattle.

What’s on the agenda?

Some believe the company is attached to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – the charity organization run together with his wife. Others believe it could be related to a new form of nuclear reactor which he’s developing with his friend Nathan Myhrvold.

Holding company?

Some has even suggested that it’s a pure holding company offering financial help to new start-up companies.

According to insiders the “bg” in the company name stands for “Bill Gates”, the “C” for «catalyst» and the number 3 refers to Gates third company separated from Microsoft and the charity foundation.

Gates has previously said that he wishes to help younger people following in his footsteps when it comes to revolutionize the global technology. So the main question now is where do we apply for start-up funds 🙂

Source: Techflash

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  1. It could be the 3 types of cancer the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are targeting?

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