Introducing nLite

In short nLite is a Windows Installation Customizer. This tool allows for pre-installation Windows configuration and component removal at your choice. Optional bootable image ready for burning on media or testing in virtual machines.

With nLite you will be able to have Windows installation which on install does not include, or even contain on media, the unwanted components. This means that you are free to choose whether or not Windows components like Media Player, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, MSN Explorer, Messenger should be included with your Windows installation.


  • Service Pack Integration
  • Component Removal
  • Unattended Setup
  • Driver Integration
  • Hotfixes Integration
  • Tweaks
  • Services Configuration
  • Patches
  • Bootable ISO creation

nLite supports Windows 2000, XP x86/x64 and 2003 x86/x64 in all languages but requires .NET Framework 2.0 in order to run.

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