Google to buy Valve

According to The Inquirer Google is ready to buy the creators of Half-Life.

Could this be true?

Does it sound insane? Well, maybe a little. But then again Google breathes mainly on adverts and Valve’s netdistro application Steam would be a fantastic way of delivering just that. Not to mention ads in games!

The Inquirer claim to have the news from reliable sources, but have no evidence besides this.

Valve denies – Google wont comment

Valve claims this is not true. However, when there’s a leakage this is normally the standard response from the companies involved. What does Google say? “We do not make comments on rumours and speculations”. So in other words, they’re not denying it, which somewhat strengthens the theory.

Google owns game ad technology

There’s been speculations earlier about Google entering the game market. As previously mentioned there could be a lot of money in game ads. Forbes article last Tuesday speculated about this exact topic.

Also, Google’s recent acquisition, Adscape Media, completes the picture. Adscape is a company that creates applications that enables the possibility for ads in games.

So will all games be free?

If the advertisers paid for the game development, will we get the games for free? Probably not! And would you play a game if you were constantly annoyed by ads?? Feel free to share your thoughts on this one in the comments.

Sources: The Inquirer, Gizmodo, Shacknews and Mcvuk

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