WordPress 2.1 installed

Just a few minutes ago I upgraded my WordPress installation from version 2.05 to the latest available version (2.1 Ella). In total, including backup routines and uploading, it was all done in less than 1 hour. I followed the detailed instructions like a zombie, and it paid of as it went flawless.

After logging back on I was probably a bit to enthusiastic, as I was expecting to see a complete new wp-admin with overwhelming functionality and design. Basically it all looks the same, but after clicking around there’s definitely something going on in the background that makes this upgrade worthwhile. Just tried the spell checker but it didn’t work at all, fortunately as a Firefox user this really wasn’t needed as FF already has a nice multilingual spell checker plugin to do just that. See a description of the British English and the US English dictionaries for more on this (other languages available also).

Below is a list of plugins that apparently work with the new release:

I’ll keep testing throughout the week and post back here if I come across something worth mentioning besides the obvious notes from the developers.

SimpleCode wasn’t working after all, but an update is availble at the same location.

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  1. Yes it’s working fine, and thanks for a great plugin btw 🙂

    On the other hand “Articles” and “Contact Form” seams to be in need of some XHTML tweaking. Nothing serious though, merely to get it 100% valid.

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