Upgrading to WordPress 2.2

Earlier today (GMT) Matt announced that WordPress 2.2 is finally available for download. Thus, I’ll be spending the next few hours upgrading and testing which most likely will make this site unavailable from time to time. When done I’ll give a brief summary of the experience as I did when upgrading to version 2.1 a few months ago.

Stay tuned 🙂

Update (1.5 hours later)

Except for some FTP trouble (which has nothing to do with WordPress) everything went exceptionally well. All my plugins appear to be working just fine. The only modification I needed to do was to include the “old” quicktags.js from WP 2.1 in order to get my comment quicktag add-on working.

The list of working plugins are the same as before and is listed nicely in my post about my Blogvaria Plugins.

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