Your site’s page rank in Google™

Have you ever wondered how your site is being ranked by Googleâ„¢? Well the guys at PR checker seams to have figured it out. Not only can you look up any website or page you can also get a tiny snipplet to put on your page to have your PageRank displayed.

This little piece of XHTML code:

<a href="" target="_blank">
<img src="" alt="PageRank Checking Icon" border="0" /></a>

Would display something like this:


Note! If you see the PageRank jump up and down or display NA it is very possible that has begun to update page ranks again. This means an update from PR checker will follow shortly.

When I started redesigning this page in December my page rank was 0, even after almost one year of operation. Then after just a few weeks (and frequent updates compared to before) I’m currently up to 4 which isn’t bad considering this is a personal blog.

Is the page rank reliable?

The increase in page rank has done 2 things which makes me believe the numbers actually do mean something.

  1. I’ve received a lot more traffic from Googleâ„¢, which means I probably show up earlier in the result lists (page 1-10 rather than page 24778) and I get listed when using a wider range of keywords and phrases. In the beginning (Jan 06) Googleâ„¢ didn’t even have the URI listed.
  2. I receive a lot more traffic in general, and also have more direct links coming in.

How to get there you ask?

I really haven’t done anything out of the ordinary, I’ve just written stuff about things that interest me. From a SEO specialist’s point of view you might say I got lucky since I’ve written stuff about Skype, iPhone, Apache, PHP and other stuff that a lot of people take interest in. On the other side so have a bunch of other people.

Basically I still believe it’s possible to get a decent score with all major search engines just by providing good content, but it also helps off course to have some great tools like WP to submit your posts around the globe 😉

The main factor is still content, and with forthcoming search engine technology Googleâ„¢ and the others might filter out the SEO crap pages that’s invaded the web lately and show us what we came to find in the first place (I have a dream…).

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