Still running win95?

Windows 95 boot screenI saw from my stats the other day that I’ve more than 100 unique visitors identifying themselves as win95 users. I find that somewhat interesting and a bit hilarious.

Why are you still using this ancient Microsoft OS and furthermore, are you still running it on the original PC’s?

It’s more than a decade since the initial release and in computer years that would probably equal a century. How on earth can you get any work done? You must be holding on to the same software as well, otherwise your PC’s wouldn’t be a) compatible and b) able to do more than one task at the time.

Compared to real life you could say you are still riding the horse instead of a car, rowing a boat instead of flying or using candlelights instead of light bulbs for illumination. The environmental benefits aren’t the same though.

Dear win 95 user, please step forward as I’m really genuinely curious to find out!

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