Update PHP5 in 30 seconds

Just a few hours ago I updated PHP from version 5.2.2 -> 5.2.3. Excluding the time it takes to download and unpack the latest build it took me less than half a minute to complete the update.

Note! These instructions are only applicable if you are running a local web server on Windows AND followed my instructions on how to install PHP5 on windows.

1. Get the latest version…

  • Grab the latest Windows binary zip package (PHP 5.2.3)
  • Unzip it to e.g. C:\php523

2. Start speed installation…

  • Copy php.ini from C:\php5 to C:\php523 (temp dir from above)
  • Rename C:\php5 to C:\php5-old
  • Rename C:\php523 to C:\php5
  • Click on the Apache tray icon, open the menu and choose Restart

3. Verify and clean…

  • Verify that your server is up-to-date; phpinfo().
  • If success, delete C:\php5-old and all files and sub-directories.

That’s it, you’re done 🙂

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