I miss my old Dali’s

I’ve just moved into a new house, a so called fully-furnished townhouse here in Spain. I was happy to find a rather decent sound system in the living room. The owner is probably as “techi” as I am and has cables from the living room up to the bedrooms on the second floor. This allows you to bring the music to most parts of the house.

The speakers are made by Bose, and given their size the sound is surprisingly good. You can almost feel the bass when you turn the sound up a bit, but it’s not even close to my old Dali’s I used to have back in Norway. It might be the Pioneer amp that pulls it down a bit as well, since this is far from powerful.

My old Dali’s were driven by a big NAD power amp which gave you the closest thing to Hi End given its moderate price compared to the insanely priced enthusiast systems. Anyway, life is now good again. You wouldn’t believe how much I missed having a proper sound system. It’s almost funny watching a movie on my tiny 21″ TV with cinema-like sound…

When I can afford it I’ll probably be out looking for a new Hi-Fi to upgrade the one that followed the house, but I can’t see that happening in the next few days to be honest. But the recent upgrade is anyway something I can live with for a while.

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  1. Well Thomas, Bose isn’t that bad. I think you’re lucky he left the stereo behind for you to enjoy…

    Your old system sounded impressive though 🙂

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