Creating a Blog

I’ve been looking into this “new” thing called blog for a while now and haven’t really seen the point of having one since I’m already running a website of my own. BUT (there’s always a but isn’t it…) lately as the site has grown and the content seams to be targeted towards a specific group of people (webmasters) I feel that there’s things I want to write that makes no sense whatsoever on a commercial level. Therefore after much (a huge bunch actually) consideration I’ve decided to create my own blog in order to express personal views on life as I stumble through it.

The opinions and views are of personal nature and should be treated that way. I may change my mind multiple times as I grow from experience. If you for some reason feel the urge of commenting any of my posts please try to be as objective as I’m subjective 😉

This is however not the place to make notes, questions and / or requests related to the material found at the mother-site. This will most likely be ignored and definitely not given any serious attention. Need support? Go see the forum

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