Olympics and censorship

In Europe the media is constantly taking about how visitors and press get censored when trying to talk about Chinese politics, laws and human rights violations. China has set up numerous “blocks” in order to keep information out and also monitor what’s going through.

Now with the Olympics just a few days ahead the “block” seams to be even tighter to avoid bad publicity. But thanks to GIFC (Global Internet Freedom Consortium) there seems to be a way through the Internet block at least.

You can obtain the GIFC Anti-Censorship Tools Bundle from their products and services page and start leaking news (if you wish). Regardless, I wouldn’t feel comfortable knowing that someone (or something) was reading all my emails and tracking my way around the Internet.

Finally, I find it odd that a country with close to a fifth of the world’s population appears to live under a dictatorship and furthermore not demanding a change! What’s your take on this?

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