Can Apple access your iPhone?

Rumours has it that Jonathan Zdziarski, a well-known iPhone developer, has discovered a page on the Apple site that could possibly be used to “kill” applications downloaded from App Store.

Deep down in the configuration files in the latest iPhoneOS (version 2.x.) there’s a link to this “suspicious” Apple page that could possibly be used to block unauthorized applications.

The list is currently more or less empty but in case of an emergency (trojan, virus) there’s reasons to believe that your iPhone (if you have one) will connect automatically and deactivate any application that is found listed on this page.

This might also prove to be a way for Apple to block or alter additional hacks and workarounds that you have installed (at least with later versions of the OS).

Zdziarski has just written a brief note on his personal website to “clarify” all these conspiracy theories, but who knows for sure?

Noticed anything funny with your iPhone lately…?

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