Best car service in Spain

My Nissan SerenaOver the last few weeks a strange noise has started to worry me when driving. It sounds like the engine is running without any oil, which in turn makes a very unpleasant tone. Very much like a opera singer missing the high (highest) C over and over again. I decided to take my car, a “beautiful” Nissan Serena, to the mechanics.

After less than an hour this nice Spanish guy had the car ready for me again which is unheared of here in Spain, mañana is more like it… Not only was the car back in perfect condition, but he also let me have it back without charging me. Would you believe it?!

I have to admit that the machanic works for the same car rental company, Autos Divasa, that sold me the car in the first place, but still. He told me that being a loyal customer (also having created their webpage) meant a lot to them and that he thought it was only fair that they kept my car in good condition. I can say nothing but thanks, and I’ll definately recommend their services to anyone who are going on holiday in the Málaga area of Spain (Costa del Sol). So if you are looking to rent a car without any hassle and with outstanding quality and support, follow the link above.

To sum it all up, this looks like yet another day in paradise 🙂

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