Fri. Nov 15th, 2019


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Upgrading to WordPress 2.9

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I guess most of you’ve already noticed that a new version of WordPress is available. And like many times before I thought I’d give you a heads up on the upgrade just in case there’s something problematic ahead. Again, I can assure you that moving from WordPress 2.8.x caused no issues either through automatic or manual upgrade.

A big thank you goes out to the development team for yet again giving us something to “play with”. I especially liked the enhanced Ajax features – NICE 🙂 But most importantly you can now edit your images online! This is the most sought-after feature in my book for sure.

There’s a lot more stuff as well which you can read all about here or just watch the video below:

1 thought on “Upgrading to WordPress 2.9

  1. It looks like the option to set up a static front page is missing. Settings > Reading doesn’t have anything about setting a page for the blog or for the home page….

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