Apache halts and freezes

As some of you may have noticed my blog has been unavailable quite a lot lately. The reason seems to be that there’s a memory leak  issue with Apache (on our Debian ran server). Concequently, the server stops responding after a certain time as too many processes and memory are in use.  Several measures have already been taken but the scary part is that the logs doesn’t clearly specify which process(es) does the ugly bits.

It may be that 1GB memory on the server (+ 2GB switch) just isn’t enough any more. Anyway, it appears that more people have been experiencing issues with Apache and multiple processes that in the end brings the server down.

If you’ve had similar experiences on your server I would be very grateful for any tips or ideas to what to do. Please either leave a comment or send an email through our contact form if you so prefer.

Many thanks 🙂

Now, on to update to WordPress 2.8.4 – which needs to be done manually because of security settings on the aforementioned server…

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