Vista Compatibility Centre

Microsoft is about to launch their Windows Vista Compatibility Center which will provide information on more than 9,000 products (5,500 devices and 3,500 software programs).

Is it just me or shouldn’t this really been out a long time ago?

Maybe the focus on Windows 7 and the possible release of DirectX 11 early next year has taken the focus away from what’s most important – the current OS version and its (future) users?

But then again it looks like if something fails you could always buy your way back. Besides Microsoft’s original plan to lift the corporate image with a $300 million makeover they’ve now also earmarked an additional $200 million for Windows advertising.

I get the feeling that someone (MS) is trying to ship (push) as many copies of Vista as possible (to cover development costs) before they pull Windows 7 out of the hat, possibly as early as next year. I’m not completely convinced the time of worry is over and that moving to Vista is such a great thing. Think I’ll skip a version this time…

What’s your take on this? Have you taken the step and “upgraded”? What about in the office?

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