Save the developers campaign

Nothing is more annoying than creating that extra style sheet and pieces of code to make your site “viewable” in Microsoft Internet Explorer 6. If you still happen to use IE6 you will see a small notice on the top of this page inviting you to visit and upgrade your browser.

Save the developers

The Campaign
Say no to IE 6! Our current campaign focuses on assisting users in upgrading their Internet Explorer 6 web browser. This campaign will result in former IE 6 users having a more enjoyable experience on the web while (hopefully) creating a less stressful and complicated environment for web developers by hastening the retirement of an outdated browser.

I do hope you will give this a try if you’re still surfing with IE6 and it’s in no way meant to be offending, merely a friendly advice. Besides making the job easier on designers and programmers you will also benefit from the following:

  • Increased security (phishing filter, family filter etc. )
  • Better and faster page rendering (page loading time)
  • Better 3rd party plugin support
  • Generally a much improved browser experience

Feel free to share your thoughts on this one, I would especially like to hear from all of you (former) IE6 users…

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