Give XP a makeover

If you’ve started to get bored with the general Windows XP desktop then the following might be for you.

Step 1 – Replace the desktop theme

Microsoft has put out a really sharp-looking XP desktop theme based on Windows Media Player 11. It simply installs as another desktop theme in your Display Options; no need for any third-party applications.

XP Zune Theme

Update! You might also want to try out Royale Remixed by “~oddbasket”. Less bugs and and a very beautiful theme indeed. Thanks to Balu for sharing!

Step 2 – Add a new background image

If you haven’t replaced the background image already you could visit Deziner Folio and get the set of 74 Hi Res Windows Vista Wallpapers.

Windows Vista Wallpapers

Step 3 – Live it up a little

Install Google Desktop and add live search and all the gadgets you can fit on your desktop. After a minute or two your Windows XP could look something like this:

Windows XP Ultimate II

There you go, 3 simple steps to make your welcome screen less boring. Feel free to add more steps through the comments below if you know of any other eye-candy’s worth having!

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3 Comments on “Give XP a makeover”

  1. I have tries the zune theme its got a few bugs.. I prefer the Royale Noir theme
    It looks almost the same and works with almost no bugs

    Thanks for those wallpapers.. I was planning to change that neways

  2. Hi Balu, thanks for the update. In case you don’t know it already the Royale Noir theme was updated 4th November last year. The latest version can be downloaded from

    Looks like a much more complete theme, and also got the Vista mouse markers included 🙂

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