Stickman – 2D Animation Software

For Children & Advanced Users – Age: 6++

Stickman is a 2D animation program that use new technology to make animating easier and more effective. The technology behind Stickman is developed by Cutout Pro, leaded by Sven Nilsen. The principle of Stickman is to build what you want to animate before animating it. All figures, background or things are using the same tools when animating. You can also share your own figures with friends or students in your class.

Cutout Pro has researched and is still researching digital 2D animation to solve problems common in most animation programs. Stickman animations are based on key frames. A key frame controls the pose of a body in a still picture. With two key frames we can calculate the pose between those still pictures. To move a figure from A to B, it takes only two key frames. To move a figure from A to B and then to C, it takes three key frames.

The calculation is handled a special way that makes the movement natural. A figure can contain skeleton simulation which uses complex algorithms to make moving smooth or hard when necessary. It’s easy to make a figure pick up a thing, like a sword, and use it. It’s easy to put a figure inside another, like holding an ice cream or showing a figure through a television. It’s easy to change the draw order in animation, like walking around a house or a car. A figure can also move it self by time, like a fire flame.

Cutout Pro is open for feedback about every aspect of the software, from installation to figure improvements.

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