Never use Word as your Web editor

I’ve written a few news stories about Roger Marris, an Englishman diagnosed with an aggressive form of incurable NHL that has no known cause – Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (one of many illnesses grouped under the general term – cancer; Lymphoma is known as lymphatic cancer).

Digression: To improve the chances of people in the future finding themselves in a similar position, Rog wanted to try to raise a minimum of £10,000 while he felt able to do so. Mission is now accomplished! Rog has now completed this challenge and has surpassed his original target by raising more than £25,000 for charity. Congratulations!!

Anyway… He’s website, which I believe someone has created for him, are created using MS Word as the HTML editor. This has unfortunately resulted in a website being almost inaccessible for anyone using a browser not named IE.

Take a look at using IE and then try it in Opera, Firefox or anything else…

Someone should really redo his pages! A good cause deserves better.

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