Remarkable loyalty

Came across this when looking for something completely different on Wikipedia today, truly amazing…

In 1924, Hachikō was brought to Tokyo by his owner, Hidesamurō Ueno, a professor in the agriculture department at the University of Tokyo. During his owner’s life, Hachikō saw him off from the front door and greeted him at the end of the day at the nearby Shibuya Station. Even after Ueno’s death in May 1925, Hachikō returned every day to the station to wait for him, and did so for the next 11 years.

Hachikō’s devotion moved those around him, who nicknamed him “faithful dog”. Some kind vendors who saw the dog waiting every day would give him small bits of food and water. This has caused some people to say that he only returned to the station in order to receive these treats, but this does not answer why he would return only at the time his master’s train was due, and not remain begging after.

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