Norwegians and Digital TV

Norwegians and Digital TVWhile I was catching up on the latest news from Norway the other day one story caught my attention. Over the next 3 years Norway will convert to digital broadcasts and stop the old analogue signals sometime during 2010. The national broadcast company has just recently released the list of channels included in the basic package causing a fire-storm amongst the public.

Apparently which channels that should or should not be included is far more important than almost anything else. I do understand the need for some entertainment (as the weather is constantly disappointing) but PLEASE get a life already!

After I made the decision to move abroad (to a country where the weather is constantly nice) I haven’t seen much TV, and when I do watch something it’s either a good movie or a TV-show/series downloaded from the Internet in HD quality. Thus I get better sound and picture and no commercials. Okay, I do admit watching some sport and rubbish TV but my life doesn’t evolve around it.

So instead of fighting about the channels maybe you all (referring to the Vikings) should see this as an opportunity to watch less TV and spend more time with real-life persons like family and friends. I’ve never been more social than now even though I’m 3600 kilometres away from my old friends.

This might even apply to some of you reading originating from other countries around the world. I’m not trying to be a smart-ass, simply wanted to provoke some of you in order to grasp the bigger picture…

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