Introducing Yod’m 3D

Yod’m 3D is a virtual desktop manager with the fashionable effect “the cube” for Windows XP or Vista. It allows for 4 virtual desktops running at the same time with different backgrounds (if you wish).

Switching between the desktops is very simple and it proves useful for those of us that have lots of apps running at the same time. Besides being somewhat useful it’s also stuffed with fancy transitions and multiple options in the control panel. And to my surprise it didn’t eat that much memory either.

Yod'm 3D - virtual desktop manager

Chris’ Soft generously provides his Yod’m 3D for free including the basic instructions.

Note! His other app “Visual Tooltip” made my CPU run comfortably at 100% – so even if your Taskbar looks pretty  that’s pretty much all you have as the computer is unresponsive…

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