How to get banned from K-Mart

I’m not a US citizen, actually I’ve never visited the US, and consequently I’ve never been to a K-Mart shopping centre. However it seams that you could actually get banned when behaving “a bit” out of the ordinary.

Click on the thumb below to open and read the official “you-and-the-rest-of-you-are-banned” letter sent from K-Mart to a family.

K-Mart bans customer and his family It clearly appears the husband has a very vivid imagination and uses this in various creative ways to make time pass (while the wife are shopping). I do understand his behaviour could be regarded as quite annoying, but to me this sounds like someone with a great sense of humour showing off, but at the wrong place (says K-Mart).

Give this guy a chance and put him in a Hollywood comedy instead 🙂

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