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On the 9th of September I was thrilled to find out me and my blog had been awarded with the “Awesome Guy Blogger Award“. This award is passed on by fellow bloggers to let you know they consider your rambling worthwhile reading.

By accepting this award you are also supposed to nominate 5 guys and girls whose blog are considered your personal favourites. This is where I’m struggling…

As a web developer I normally spend time racing through blogs and news sites in search of inspiration and answers. Consequently I’m not really visiting the same sites on a regular basis (normally). Thus finding these 10 bloggers is not an easy task!

To make it even harder the following “rules” have been applied:

  1. No Community/Group blogs.
  2. Blogs that I read and can identify with the bloggers.
  3. Blogs that I read without fail, but rarely comment on.

Therefore I feel I have to change the rulebook a bit and ask for some help. Below is a list of blogs that keeps me coming back (infrequently) . What I’d like you to do is getting involved and recommend some blogs to me to both widen my horizon and maybe also help you increase your own site traffic.

Awesome Guy Blogger Award (comment to accept)

Rockin’ Girl Blogger Award (please help!!!)

So there you have it – incomplete and ready for the masses…

Thanks again for the award and don’t hesitate to get involved with my new nominations πŸ™‚

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  1. Hi Thomas,
    Thanks for linking to me. And the blogs that you awarded are
    One small correction, those were the rules that I made for myself to pass on this award to people. (Not necessary that you follow the same set, make your own).

  2. And by the way. What plugin do you use for the live preview of comments and the “bold”, “italic”, “link”-quicktag buttons?

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