High quality webcam from Logitech

Last week Logitech and Carl Zeiss announced exclusive collaboration to improve webcam image quality. Leading webcam manufacturer and leading optics maker brings new level of excellence to video communications.

The two new cameras in the QuickCan-Pro series will be equipped with a Carl Zeiss Tessar lense.

The QuickCam Pro 9000 and QuickCam Pro for Notebooks will also be equipped with an autofocus system that will be able to refocus in less than 3 seconds. The minimum macro distance is around 10cm.

The cameras can also be used for 30 second videos with a resolution of up to 960 x 720 pixsels. A 2 megapixel sensor will through interpolation capture pictures with approximately 8 megapixel resolution.

Light conditions are automatically adjusted which means the cameras will provide high quality pictures even when the user sits in front of a window with strong backlight.

Background noise and echo is reduced through a brand new noise filter.

Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000

QuickCam Pro 9000 is equipped with a socket to ensure placement on any screen, while the notebook version limits the screen depth to 20 mm. Also included are a travel bag and a table stand.

Logitech QuickCam Pro for Notebooks

Both cameras are expected to hit the market in the beginning of this month. The price for the stationary camera is estimated to be around 110 € while the mobile camera adds another 10-15 € to the price tag.

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One Comment on “High quality webcam from Logitech”

  1. They have got this one right.. That is for sure…
    I had the previous Logitech Pro 5000 and this one beats that one (which is also

    good) miles away !!

    The quality that I have all my family and friends reporting on Skype is just

    Because of that, I got a 2nd one and start using it myself during all my trips and I

    could see the diference from the previous one.

    The range of colors is what calls the attention, very good in bringing the true

    colors of the place you are without have to deal with the controls of it.

    The Auto Focus on it is just something to bring the attention to, since you can

    acctually get close up on stuff that other cameras would not pick up.
    I could even show what I had on my monitor to friends and they were able to read it

    ! (using Skype)

    The lens are just great (All sony cybershot’s uses the same lens if that tells you

    anything !!), to which I believe is also the reason for all this image perfecion

    they have reached with the camera.

    And the sound is really good, with eco cancelation and all the bells and whistles.

    I mainly use it for web conference, but if you would like to make videos and send

    them out, that does the job with an A+!!

    You will be satisfied with this one, and the price is worht the equipment you are

    going to get…

    That’s why I got 2 of those already for my family !
    Go for it ! more detail http://bit.ly/byFxiN

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