1 billion dollars out the window

Ever since he was a governor in Texas George W. Bush has made great efforts trying to stop young Americans from having sex. Apparently he believes this is “the way” to go to avoid unwanted pregnancies and deceases.

After he became President Bush has spent huge amounts on banners, TV-ads and education trying to spread/implement his views/opinion. Unfortunately contraception was not mentioned, but according to the man himself that wasn’t necessary as the kids were not supposed to have sex anyway (great thinking…) !

The Guardian keeps us informed on his progress on this delicate matter.

$1bn “don’t have sex” campaign a flop as research shows teenagers ignore lessons…

After all, one of these young kids baby could be the next Bush, so shouldn’t we at least support him on this one?

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  1. well 49% of us didn’t vote for him.

    we tryed to tell you (not you specifically, but still.

    so does this mean i get to say “I told you so”

  2. Feels better now Ian, doesn’t it 🙂 Or maybe it doesn’t since it’s actually your tax money he’s throwing out the window…

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