WCMS Frontend Demo

In just a few days I’ll upload the latest version of my Content Management System (WCMS) so you can click around and get a feeling of what it’s all about. Some screen shots from the administration panel will follow soon after.


Unlike a lot of the big companies I’ll actually be displaying a stable release meant for production environments, rather than the typical “Beta version this build that”.

Please note! The WCMS’ newsletter module will replace all other newsletters running on evaria.com and its sub-domains, simply to get a more up-to-date, united and SPAM free module. I also believe the newsletter thing is soon a thing in the past, as Feeds do this job much more efficiently, not to say faster. Therefore I might also consider removing this module, but for now I’ll just gather it all in one place.

WCMS frontend (what the normal visitor will see) is opened in a new window when you click this sentence.

Please feel free to add comments about bugs (if you find any), security issues (shouldn’t be any – knock on wood), requests or any other question you might have.

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