New “lapdesk” from Dell

The new Dell XPS M2010 looks different from other laptops, and has a design and appearance which I’ve never seen before. YES IT’S HUGE, but then again it’s also portable. If you’re not looking to buy a PC mainly for travelling, this looks like a very nice option for your home office. A huge screen (20,1″) and a detachable keyboard makes this an attractive choice for both coding, office tasks and watching your favourite DVD’s.

XPS M2010

The components are of the highest standards, so when it comes to performance it will most likely beat your desktop. When closed it really doesn’t take up much space, and with built-in WLAN you don’t really need more than the power cable connected.

If you wish you can get it with a TV card, so for people sitting close to the screen it will replace the need for your regular TV. Nice sound system (at least according to Dell) should remove your need for the old stereo as well, leaving you with only one device in your living room…

Anyway, this was not meant as a recommendation to go and get one. Given the price most people will probably start laughing, but you’re welcome to send me one for Xmas (for testing purposes off course) and I’ll continue with a full review in January.

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