Un-hackable USB drive

Victorinox on Friday expanded its line of USB drives with the Secure Pro. The new device integrates several levels of security, with data protected using 256-bit AES encryption. Users can also take advantage of a fingerprint scanner, built directly onto the removable USB stick. The fingerprint identification components are even paired with a heat sensor that will not provide access to the data if the finger is not within a range of typical body temperature (e.g. if it had been cut off for example – uuuh).

The encryption technology is based on MKI’s Schnuffi platform, which is claimed to help prevent unauthorized access by integrating all of the coding and security steps onto a single chip. Attempts to forcibly open the device triggers a self-destruct mechanism which is said to irreversibly burn the CPU and memory chip!

Aside from the security features, the Secure Pro still integrates a basic set of Swiss Army tools. Users can deploy the integrated knife, scissors, or nail file with a screwdriver point. The housing also features a laser pointer and a retractable ball-point pen.

The Secure Pro is currently available with storage capacities between 8GB and 32GB, with pricing ranging from £50 (~$75 USD) to £180 (~$265 USD). A real must-have for all us gadget freaks 🙂

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