Implementing ACAP

ACAP (Automated Content Access Protocol) is the new open standard that enables website owners to express terms under which crawlers (also known as robots or spiders) and others are allowed access to and use of their website contents.

ACAP has been devised by publishers in collaboration with search engine operators and other web content aggregators to revolutionise the creation, dissemination, use, and protection of copyright-protected content on the worldwide web.

ACAP is set to become a universal permissions protocol on the Internet, a totally open, non-proprietary standard. Protect your content.

To find out how to enable ACAP on your website visit:

Implementing ACAP should take no more than 30 minutes. It is an extremely simple process for any IT professional and, until it is implemented by the major search engines, it will have no actual impact on the functionality of your site.

Implementation today is largely symbolic and part of the campaign to encourage search engines and other aggregators to adopt ACAP and respect the online copyright of content providers.

By the way – you’re looking at an ACAP enabled site right NOW – Cool eh 😉

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