WordPress 2.8 is out!

Just a quick post to announce that WordPress 2.8, codenamed “Baker”, is available. A brief introduction is found below:

The latest release fixes 790 bugs and all parts should be faster and smoother (as always).

More release info is found here, and further insight for the curious here.

I’ll try to get it all done today – and with any luck the site will still be up and running. If you’ve already updated please let me know if you’ve encountered any strange happenings!


Things look like they are working after upgrading – some bugs on the Dashboard but after refreshing it should go away (I hope).

If you encounter the following error under your “Incoming links”; Fatal error: Call to a member function get_link() on a non-object – please let me know and I’ll dive into it as it could be a bug…

Update 2

Bug fixed – well not really a bug to be honest, but problem solved at least…

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8 Comments on “WordPress 2.8 is out!”

  1. I upgraded to wordpress 2.8 recently and the dashbord does not work as you mentioned. It throws some error like “Fatal error: Call to a member function get_link() on a non-object in D:\Hosting\4369448\html\wp-admin\includes\dashboard.php on line 647”

    What I did is I pasted the feed url of my blog to the google incoming links dashboard widget. I am not sure what went wrong since then. Can you help?


  2. Hi M, as I mentioned in the support forum it appears that you get this error thrown your way should the URI to your link feed be wrong/not responding/etc.

    I use the following which should work for you as well I assume:


    Still having problems feel free to let me know 🙂

  3. hi.. can you explain more? i have to edit the dashboard.php file? where? how?

    1. No, you simply click configure (for Incoming Links) and then edit the URI that’s listed there.

  4. mm ok.. but i dont see any “configure” or something. ¿where is the “incoming links?”

  5. It should be among the “widgets” on your dashboard. Hover the title and you should see the link “configure”.

    If not then there’s something else that’s wrong.

  6. same problem here… when I tried to configure the URL, it would not store the new value (!) and then I removed the widget altogether, and I have the same problem. Any clues? This is really annoying.

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