WordPress 2.5 stats plugin updated

In case you are using Mr. Coolmann’s WordPress statistics plugin, Wp-Slimstat, then you might enjoy this unofficial release. Besides making it WordPress 2.5 compatible it also blends nicely with the new colour theme.

Screenshot of plugin in action

Installation – current users

To install, download Wp-Slimstat v.1.0.1, deactivate plugin, overwrite old file in your plugins directory with the new one and activate.

Installation – new users

Grab the code (including instructions) from the author directly. Before activating follow the simple steps as outlined above. This ensures the plugin is 2.5 compatible before activation. However, new users need a few extra files which is not included with the update.

Install and use at your own risk. It worked for me and should for you as well (I hope).

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7 Comments on “WordPress 2.5 stats plugin updated”

  1. I was looking for a stats plugin so this post couldn’t come at a better time!

  2. It’s a great stats plugin. Very accurate and informative. Only downside is the DB size which grows rather rapidly. I normally truncate the tables after app. 250.000 rows (hits).

    Let me know what your impression is and feel free to ask “maintenance” questions…

  3. Yeah I’ve just kind of noticed the whole database size thing which I may have to keep an eye on – it probably doesn’t matter to me too much and I may simply uninstall it, only because I’m not THAT interested in the stats. Which is something I’ve discovered since installing it LOL.

  4. If the size isn’t something you need to worry about you can safely keep it running. It’s not slowing down the frontend in any way. However it might collect a bit more info than you actually find useful 😐

    I like to keep the stats mainly to monitor visitor trends and such. However, the popularity contest plugin does in a way just that (if you want it to) and the DB size will stay at a VERY decent level even after 500+ posts / 2-3 years.

  5. Great! You make thing less hassle. Looking forward to a new plug in updates! Great statistic web..thanks once again.

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