Thu. Nov 14th, 2019


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What do you think about Google Chrome?

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As meny of you already know I’m sure Google has joined the browser market when introducing Chrome just a few days ago. The interest has been overwhelming, but then again Google has the oportunity to market the browser through their own search portal (that every Internet user visits more or less daily…).

ReadWriteWeb claims Chrome already got 1,5% of the market share, running up behind IE, FF and Opera but in front of all the rest. I assume the numbers are a bit high as most of the registered traffic probably comes from users just testing it out. Then again, if they like what they see they just might stick with it.

I for one am quite happy with FF and all its add-ons, but would really like to hear from the rest of you should you have good (or bad) experience with the newcomer.

Also, do we really need yet another browser? From a designers point of view this seams like more work as we now have to make even more browser specific rules to get the pages right 🙁 Maybe it wouldn’t be too bad if Microsoft, Yahoo and Google joined forces even though that would mean monopoly yet again…

Update: There seams to be at least one good reason NOT to start using Chrome

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