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Subbmitt is a social news site for those addicted to news. It is a great place to read and share articles, photos or videos. If you see an article that you want to share with your friends, why not share it with the world?

You can submit articles to 26 categories containing photos, videos or new stories from any site you want. You can even submit articles without signing up. Articles are sent to the queue where Subbmitt quickly approve or disapprove within 30 seconds. They only disapprove SPAM or anything deemed illegal.

On the internet, democracy is overrated. On many sites, you rate, or rank stories based on user votes. This approach fails to account for the douche bag factor of those who band together and vote for the same article just to move it to the front page (e.g. Digg, Reddit). At Subbmitt, everyone gets their fair webtime instead. This means that you won’t waste your time posting articles that no one will ever see.

All articles will make it to the front page. They rotate articles from the queue to the front page every minute. This approach keeps the website from becoming a stale and boring one like many other ones.

So to get your story on the front page (for a change)  just subbmitt it

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2 Comments on “Subbmitt – a different news site”

  1. I like it better than Reddit or Digg. I can actually get a story on the front page so my time posting stories isn’t wasted. We just need to get people using it. I’m sure that will happen over time.


  2. Well its’ a new site, so by spreading the word it will most likely pick up some traffic.

    Let’s just hope the people running it has some efficient filters for blocking spam…

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