Pirates Of the Amazon

Pirates with “clever” Firefox add-on.

Amazon,com is the biggest online Internet shop and not without a reason. It has the biggest collection of books, music, movies, games and anything else you might consider buying.

Redirects you to Pirate Bay
Some bright heads have recently started Pirates Of the Amazon (if it’s slow/down you can get a copy of the xpi-file you need here) – a Firefox add-on that let you “shop” non-physical merchandises on Amazon without paying a dime.

The add-on will instead redirect you to Pirate Bay where you can grab the merchandise totally free and off course totally illegal.

Works with most
The system works for games, e-books, music and movies and anything else sold in a digital format that can (will) be published online and made available for download both legally and illegally.

Amazon and the rest of the industry will probably not be too happy about this, but there’s probably not much they can do other than complaining as neither lawyers nor The White House have gotten anywhere trying to shut the Pirate Bay down.

Source: Torrentfreak.com

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