Living in IKEA for a week

Comedian/Film-maker Mark Malkoff’s New York City apartment had to be fumigated. All of his friends have tiny studio apartments. Hotels in New York are insanely expensive. Left with few living options, Mark thought it would be fun and make an interesting video to move into an IKEA store where he’d live and sleep for a week. Never in a million years did he think IKEA would go for it, but miraculously they have a agreed.

Mark moved in early morning Monday January 7th to the IKEA in Paramus, New Jersey and will stay for the week through Saturday January 12th. You can follow his daily routine on

Mark Malkoff is best known for his video “171 Starbucks,” in which he is shown visiting and consuming purchases at each of the ubiquitous coffee chain’s locations in Manhattan in a single day. It can be viewed at Mark currently works as the audience coordinator on Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report.” You can check out his work at

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