Introducing TokBox

TokBox is a web services that allows you to chat with another person using both mic and cam without the need to install anything. All you have to do is register, send a link to the other person (who don’t have to register) and start the conversation.

The service works like any other social network where you can add contacts and leave video messages. Think of your TokBox link as your phone number or email address – once you give it out to someone, they can call or email you at any time.

TokBox have also released their API which means that developers can integrate the system to their own websites. You can download the documentation at

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  1. Tokbox’s arch rival Mebeam keeps getting better, – rooms can be recorded and played back , with up to 18 of your friends.

    and some public rooms, if you feel like kicking back and meeting some new folk.

    One of the many public rooms where you can always find someone to hang out with.

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