First impressions – Dreamweaver CS4

Adobe recently announced the release of Dreamweaver CS4 Beta on Adobe labs. To avoid repeating the news you can read all about the new features in Dreamweaver CS4 there. If you already have a licensed copy (CS3) all you need to do is locate your serial number and download the CS4 beta release.

Installation didn’t go completely without hiccups (freeze), but on my third attempt it all seemed to go smoothly. Start up and closing time is indeed speedier than CS3, and the GUI is simply outstanding:

As you can clearly see from the snapshot you now have a lot more working space. Also the enhanced integration with all new Adobe products makes it easy to work with, and also makes you want to explore new publishing areas.

Conclusion: If you liked CS3, you are going to love CS4!

Anyone else tried the new beta? I’d love to hear what your impressions are…

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