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7 web addresses you shouldn’t use

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Serious companies from around the globe sometimes makes (disastrous) mistakes when it comes to their on-line presence. Especially when choosing a domain name. The golden rule here is to make sure it’s suitable in the most common languages, and leaves little or no room for “confusion”…

Owned by the Italian battery company Powergen. Apparently they forgot about how this might be read by the English speaking. They later changed their name to

The website tells you who represents various artists. But if you read fast it comes out a little differently.

Former website of a medical clinic. Apparently the web approach didn’t attract as many clients as they hoped for (or maybe the wrong ones).

Instead of the intended association to IT and software (Experts exchange) most people thought this had something to do with sex change. They later changed their name to

I’m not going into details here, but most of you probably didn’t guess that this is the homepage of First Cumming Methodist Church.

Childish butt-humour… Should of course be pronounced; Speed of Art!

Via Grafix are specialists in computer graphics. At first glance it looks more like one of the addresses you get in your daily SPAM box. They later changed their name to

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