6TB Trans-Pacific Express Cable Completed

The Trans-Pacific Express Submarine Cable Consortium (TPE) announced yesterday that their new fibre-optic cable is in production. The cable is 18 000 kilometre long! With the addition of NTT Communications earlier this year, the TPE cable system will add a submarine cable link to Japan giving the TPE cable system six landing sites – one in Japan, two in mainland China, and one each in Taiwan, South Korea and the United States.

Current capacity is around 3.2 TB/s or 60 times the current capacity between USA and China (equals approximately 77,5 million concurrent phone calls).

When Fase II completes (date not set) the capacity will reach 6TB/s and will include another landing site in Japan.

Pretty amazing, but as a lot of SPAM and other things originate from some of these countries I’m somewhat concerned about what’s going to happen next… I guess we will find out soon?!

Source: Scientificblogging.com

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